About Us

We offer a warm and inviting place to encounter God, connect with others, and serve the community we live in. Each one of us is in process and we are all at different points along the way. The heart of the Vineyard is to love and accept you where you are and to encourage you to move along the path toward God and becoming more like Jesus.

Our Five Core Values are: 

Authenticity and Simplicity—We desire to be authentic with each other and with God, not hiding behind a veneer of religious words or deeds. We are not interested in putting on a show or a slick presentation but instead are focused on seeking and experiencing the presence of God and His love that is demonstrated through Jesus Christ.

Accessibility and Obedience—We want to make it as easy as possible for people to understand who we are and why we do what we do. Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and we hunger for and welcome every visitation of the Spirit of God. We believe our culture needs and hungers for miracles and the tangible evidence of God’s power, presence, and love.

Integrity and Honor—We are committed to a lifestyle of holiness. We want to operate in a culture of honor—treating everyone with respect, encouragement, and support. We are committed to work hard at fostering loving relationships, for we believe that relationships are at the heart of the kingdom of God.

Healing and Compassion—We want to create and sustain an atmosphere of healing; diligently pursuing specific healing ministries both for the physical body and for life’s hurts in order to demonstrate God’s love and His restorative power. We desire to compassionately minister among the marginalized, the lost, the poor and the outcast of society.

Intimacy and Community—We believe that as we move closer to God, He moves closer to us. Daily worship of our Heavenly Father is something that He deserves and through it, He brings deep change within us. We pursue intimacy with God, never seeking God’s hand over God’s face. We value God’s power, but want to always place power in the context of God’s love. We want oneness with God’s heart; to love what He loves and hate what He hates. Signs and wonders and miracles will spring from that place of intimacy and will be safe and loving in their exercise. We are committed to becoming a healing community engaged in the work of reconciliation wherever sin and evil have controlling influence. Our heart is to build a community of love that will endure—people committed to each other, ministering together in Christ’s name and becoming a people who collectively reflect Jesus Christ to the culture we live in. We value seeking and waiting on God’s presence in all that we do.

The heartbeat of the Vineyard is our Small Groups where community is fostered and people grow in and practice the gifts of the spirit. Everyone should be a part of one!