Staff & Leadership


Dino and Kris Griffin

Dino was ordained in the Vineyard in 1988. Dino and Kris have partnered in ministry and co-pastored various churches since 1990. They were called to the Lafayette Vineyard in 2007. Dino is gifted in teaching and has the heart of a Father. Kris has a passion to see people brought into intimacy with God and be transformed by the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit. They are grateful for each day they get to spend with each other and with their family. They particularly delight to indulge their eight beautiful and amazing grandchildren's every wish. Dino likes to study history and Kris loves art and they both are fond of trying new restaurants together. 




Bryan and Lesley Keelin

Bryan and Lesley have been serving in ministry since before they were married and that’s been almost 20 years. They met when they helped start an inner city outreach mission church and married just over a year later. Lesley and Bryan homeschool their four children still living with them, ok mostly Lesley, but Bryan helps when needed and available. Their oldest daughter Ebony, her husband, and their two granddaughters are still living in South Carolina where Lesley and Bryan lived most of their lives. Bryan and Lesley both love to read, Lesley more on the fiction side and Bryan more on the non-fiction and autobiography side. They both love playing board games and card games with their children, “Apples to Apples always brings out the silliness in our kids”.




Manda & Gannon Lamson

Gannon and Manda Lamson are married soulmates, and together, they have 6 children. They both grew up as Vineyard pastors kids and love every aspect of the Vineyard church. Gannon enjoys sci-fi movies, extremely hot peppers, and all things Prophetic. Manda loves hazelnut coffee, the sunshine, spending time with her mom, and beautiful things.  Jesus has radically transformed their lives and they want every day to be for Him.




Manda Lamson

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