Jesus' daily walk was marked by powerful signs and wonders that happened everywhere he went. When it comes to the supernatural, we struggle with moving from learning about what Jesus did to DOING what Jesus did. At some point, there has to be a jump from concept to action. The goal of the School of Signs & Wonders is to activate believers into becoming living and breathing  testimonies of God's kingdom through demonstrations of God's power.

Will it be challenging? Yes.

Will it be uncomfortable? Yes.

Will your spiritual life look more like Jesus by the end? Absolutely.

The School of Signs & Wonders is an annually run 16 week discipleship training course developed by the leadership team of the Vineyard Church of Lafayette. The mission of SSW is to equip and empower believers to live actively supernatural lives that will impact the world around them. To fulfill this goal, the SSW curriculum focuses on bridging the gap between learning and doing, taking Biblical concepts and making them practical, experiential, and memorable. Everyone gets to play! The SSW course involves attending 16 unique 2½ hour interactive classes once a week as well as participating in power evangelism outreaches where we get to practice living a supernaturally empowered life in the public arena. In order to graduate Signs and Wonders, students must attend weekly church services and complete 16 volunteer hour requirements at their local church during the 16 week course term. Join us on this journey to test the limits of just how much of God's life-changing power is available to us on a daily basis.



Fall 2019

Weekly on Sundays August 11th through November 24th from 5:30-8

Childcare provided if children are registered. 


Aug 11, Week 01: Studies In The Miraculous

Aug 18, Week 02: Worldviews, Kingdom Theology

Aug 25, Week 03: Who I Am In Christ

Sept 1, Week 04: Spiritual Disciplines & Godly Character

Sept 8, Week 05: Exploring Worship

Sept 15, Week 06: Spiritual Warfare, Shifting Atmospheres

Sept 22, Week 07: Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts [Part 1]

Sept 29, Week 08: Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts [Part 2]

Oct 6, Week 09: Revelation & Prophecy [Part 1]

Oct 13, Week 10: Revelation & Prophecy [Part 2]

Oct 20, Week 11: Dreams, Visions, & Interpretation

Oct 27, Week 12: Physical Healing

Nov 3, Week 13: Power Evangelism

Nov 10, Week 14: No Class

Nov 17, Week 15: Inner Healing/ Deliverance

Nov 24, Week 16: Godly Leadership

Outreach Options 

1= Nov 8th from 5:30pm-7:30pm 
2= Nov 9th from 5:30pm-7:30pm
3= Nov 22nd from 5:30pm-7:30pm
4= Nov 23rd from 5:30pm-7:30pm