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Ministry of Worship

We encounter God when we worship him with all of our hearts. When we bow our hearts to worship Him, the veil is parted between heaven and earth and He draws near in His manifested presence and allows us to see Him and to taste what it will be like to spend eternity with Him in heaven. When His manifested Presence falls in a place, many people weep, some are struck silent, and some are moved to exalt the Lord. In His presence all of the stuff of the world fades away and we see His beauty and majesty and His all-consuming glory

Ministry of the Word

We are committed to teaching biblical truth every single gathering. It is our prayer that you will be touched by Gods word and transformed to live more like Jesus! 

Ministry of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God's empowering Presence, the Holy Spirit is God's experienced Presence, and the Holy Spirit is God's transforming power. When the presence of God fell upon the followers of Jesus in Acts 2, their lives were radically transformed. We long to see revival come and all that we do is bent toward that purpose. We believe that as the Spirit of God manifests himself in an outpouring or visitation, that the church will be revived and come into her destiny as the light and hope of the world. 

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