As people come in to this fellowship they come from various experiences and backgrounds, therefore they may have different needs depending on the season that they are in. You may, at any point, experience this fellowship as a family, an army, a school, a hospital, or a ministry of mercy. 

 A Family

Reconcile People With God & All Creation
Jesus is reconciling humans to God, to each other, and to the entire creation. We seek to partner with Him to break down divisions between Jew and Gentile, slave and free, male and female, socioeconomic classes and races. We long to be a community of hope that realize the power of the cross to reconcile what has been separated by sin.

An Army

Pursue Mission In The World
The Church exists for the sake of those who are exiled from God. We are called to bring the Gospel of the kingdom to all of creation. Our church aims to be an outpost of the kingdom of God, forcefully advancing His light and life into this dark and broken world.

A School

Make Disciples
Our Pastors primarily function as teachers, leaders, and trainers. We believe that the church is not called to be an audience but an active force in the world therefore it is a high priority for us to train every believer so that they are fully equipped to minister to their neighbor. Everyone should be equipped to cast out demons, heal the sick, and spread the gospel.   

A Hospital

Administer Healing
Life in this fallen world will often leave us wounded and broken. As a spiritual hospital, we are equipped to bring Christ’s healing to emotional wounds that block people from achieving the fullness of their destiny. We have teams that minister to the whole person: body, soul, and spirit.

A Ministry of Mercy

Engage In Compassionate Ministry
We lean toward the lost and the poor with the compassion of Jesus seeking to confront injustice and bring bread to the hungry both naturally and supernaturally. We have an obligation before God to give of the abundance of mercy that we have received.

Core Values

An Authentic people living in Obedience to God
and Honoring one another in a Community of Mercy. 

1. Authenticity 

We desire to be authentic with each other and with God, recognizing that we are simply clay vessels being used by Him. We are not interested in putting on a show or performance but instead are determined to be real in our struggles while focused on seeking and experiencing the presence of God and His love that is demonstrated through Jesus Christ. 

2. Obedience

We measure our hearts and activity by the standard of God’s Word and historical orthodoxy.
We are committed to obedience to God regardless of the cost. We are acutely aware that this life is but a breath and we seek to live with eternity in our hearts. We seek to obey both Logos and Rhema: The Word and the Spirit.  “We will obey You God whatever man may say, and whatever comes our way.”

3. Honor

We want to operate in a culture of honor recognizing that each life is sacred before God. We value Kingdom hierarchy while respecting each person’s ability to hear God and be subject to the Holy Spirit’s authority in their life. We recognize that we are called to hold each other accountable to the standards of the Word of God while leaving space for God to lead and work in the individual.   

4. Mercy

God requires those who have been shown mercy to extend it to others. The impetus behind all of our activities is the mercy of God.  We want to demonstrate God’s love and His restorative power in the world. We desire to compassionately minister among the marginalized, the lost, the poor and the outcast of society. 

5. Community

The New Testament church was birthed in community, but this community’s purpose was not simply having friends for friend’s sake. This community was born through having a common purpose (the advancement of the Kingdom of God) and facing adversity (persecution) together.
We believe that true community is created when brothers and sisters labor together in bringing in the harvest, standing firm in the trenches, and fighting the battle against darkness on the earth. Through this comradery, victories can be celebrated and defeats commiserated. You will find community in this place as you put your hand to the plow and advance God’s kingdom with us.

Our Heart For Revival

Revival was seen in Acts 2 when, by a visitation of God's Spirit upon the church, many lives were changed and the church experienced an explosion of growth as many were impacted and impassioned by the Spirit of God. We long to see revival come and all that we do is bent toward that purpose. We believe that as the Spirit of God manifests himself in an outpouring or visitation, that the church will be revived and come into her destiny as the light and hope of the world.