Surrender to God

Surrender to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you…
Some people read the bible a little, go to church, talk to God occasionally; but have not made a decision to follow Jesus. Maybe you’ve prayed the sinners’ prayer—maybe you’ve prayed it a hundred times. But you still haven’t come to a place where you are ready for God to take over every single part of your life. True salvation is trading your rights for God’s ownership. As long as you are content to paddle around in the ocean, there’s no need to grab a lifesaver. People don’t die and go to hell because God doesn’t love them; they die and go to hell because they refuse the only salvation that’s offered them. Who would fault the captain of a ship if a passenger drowns because they refused to accept the lifesaver he threw to them? We can only be saved on God’s terms, not ours. There’s not one place in the Bible that lets us surrender a portion of ourselves.
You don’t get the experience of God’s grace and mercy until you become willing to submit to it. Some have tried to get the benefit without the surrender and wonder why it doesn’t work.
If you sit back and wait for it to make perfect sense before you dive in you’ll never take the plunge. It’s like swimming. You can get all the information you want on the properties of water, on the physiology of the body in water—you can investigate until you exhaust every detail; but you’ll never know that water can hold you up until you get in it. The same is true for God—without faith it is impossible to please Him; you gotta jump in the water.
-Pastor Dino Griffin