No Ordinary Kingdom

God’s value system is different from ours. For us the words "good" and "blessing" signify comfort and convenience and happy cir­cumstances. But to God the same words may signify character and virtue and integrity. We think in physical and material terms; God thinks in spiritual terms. To Him, holiness is better than happiness, character more desirable than comfort.
When Jesus came on the scene he announced a kingdom that seemed completely upside down from the normal world. When the world said, “The best will be first”, he said, “The first will be last”. When the world said, “Do to others before they do to you”, he said, “Treat others as you’d like to be treated”. When the world said, “Live for yourself”, he said, “Die to yourself in order to live”.
This was an other-worldly kingdom. It was not over in this province or in that region. It was not a tribe of people whom he would lead to overthrow the Roman occupiers. The kingdom of God was the rule and reign of the King—Jesus Christ. Wherever God’s desires were made manifest—where there were people putting their faith in Jesus, being healed from sickness, delivered from demons, set free from sin and addictions, and raised from the dead—that was the kingdom! 
Jesus asked his followers to pray to the Father, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. This is not a prayer for a better society or for more comfort and peace on earth. This is a radical request for the invasion of this world by The Architect of Society and the Prince of Peace himself. It’s not like anything you’d expect. It can take your breath away. This is no ordinary kingdom.
-Pastor Dino Griffin