It Is Written

Jesus often said “it is written”, and then challenged everyone to obey the teachings in Scripture. Throughout the centuries, those who have done so have found their lives changed.
An atheist once challenged Dr. Harry Ironside to a debate on their beliefs. Dr. Ironside accepted the challenge but proposed that his rival bring with him to the hall two people—one man who was for years under the power of evil habits from which he could not deliver himself, but who had heard the glorification of atheism, and had his life revolutionized for the better. Ironside also asked the atheist to bring a woman who was similarly delivered from corrupt living by the power of unbelief.
Dr.Ironside then offered to bring 100 men and women who for years lived in a similar state, but had been gloriously saved and changed through believing the gospel. The atheist walked away confessing his inability to produce even one person.
So how do we convince others’ of the truth of our position? There is no need to. While we should always be prepared to explain why we believe the Bible to be the Word of God, there is little point of trying to convince others. They must find out for themselves.
Charles Spurgeon said defending the Bible is like defending a caged lion. It is foolish to stand outside the cage with a sword to protect the lion from its enemies. The most effective way to defend the lion is to open the cage and let it go. The Bible, just like the lion, is perfectly capable of looking after itself. The best way to convince people that it is the Word of God is to have them read it for themselves and put into practice what it says.
-Pastor Dino Griffin