God Is Faithful

Let’s not be too quick to despair because the world is turned from God and it seems like the bad guys are winning. Into a seemingly dark and despairing time, God choose to send his Son and offer salvation not only to those in that time—but those before and after. In the midst of a great darkness, God choose to shine his brightest light!
We have all had times or seasons in our lives where the heavens seemed like brass; as if our prayers stopped at the ceiling, or worse, just drooled off our lips and dripped to the ground. We all have experienced darkness in our lives when it seemed that God was no where to be found; when the deepest cries of our hearts have gone unanswered—when we wished that just one thing in our lives would work out right. We have all tasted despair.
Today, for those who have or are even now experiencing a time of despair, I believe God wants to offer you hope. I believe God wants you give you a taste of the presence of His kingdom. I am not saying that God will instantly remove all the negative circumstances of your life. I am not saying that God will come sweeping down and fix all your problems. What I am saying is that God offers His presence to you in the midst of your circumstances. The Messiah has come, the Holy Spirit is here now to speak, to comfort, and to give life. Even if the world has failed you, or worse, the church has failed you—perhaps even your friends or family have failed you; God will not fail you. He is faithful. He will bring light to the darkest night.
-Pastor Dino Griffin