Christ- God's Currency

If you were given an outrageous sum of money—say something like $30 Million dollars, how would you spend it; some on friends and family, then some on yourself? Here is a question for you. How much would you spend on your enemies?
To say that Christ died for sinners’ means that God spent Jesus even on those who were opposed to Him. Being a sinner means standing in the place of Adam and Eve, shaking our fist to God, saying “not your will, but our will be done.” That’s where we all were when Christ died for us. The Scriptures tell us that Christ didn’t wait for us to accept Him—he died for us even while we were His enemies. What incredible love, there has never been anything like it! Someone might be willing to give up his life for a close friend; but not for an enemy! We have a hard time just being nice to other Christians sometimes; how much less would we be willing to give up our very best for those who are against us.
We have value not because of our accomplishments, not because of our potential, not because of who we know or what we do.
We have value because God has placed value upon us. What is the price of a human soul? What price has God paid? He has paid for us with His very own Son. There is no greater love than that.
Have you fully embraced the value God has placed on you—not because of what you’ve done, or what you may do, but because He has declared you valuable? Don’t try to earn His favor. Give yourself fully to God embracing the value He has placed on you.
-Pastor Dino Griffin