While you can work too much, it is not true that you can emphasize work too much. Work does not produce nervous breakdowns, despite what you may have been told. Work as hard as you like and as long as you like. If you’re in normal health, you will come to little harm, especially if your labor is in the Lord.
Why? Because it is tension that kills, not work. It is getting caught in the Christian rat race that does the damage. It is the desperate fight to keep us a front with Christian friends or with the Christian public. It is the desire to appear smilingly spiritual and produce spirituality when all the while your true inner life does not measure up to your exterior image.
Sometimes we work too much not because the work is essential, but because we are driven by fear rather than being sustained by faith. Workaholics are driven. Work for them is not an expression of faith, but a search for peace. Where some people seek to be justified by works, workaholics try to keep their consciences clean by working. Consequently they work too much and become slaves to their own nervous activity. Workaholics cannot rest; they begin to look haunted when relaxing and turn every leisure activity into a new type of achievement that must be worked at and conquered.
God doesn’t want us to be driven by anything. Life is a gift given to us and we are responsible to steward it the best we can. This is what Solomon said about life in Ecclesiastes 5:18:
I have seen what is best for people here on earth. They should eat and drink and enjoy their work, because the life God has given them on earth is short. Amen.
-Pastor Dino Griffin