In His Grip

The female angler fish can grow up to 47 inches long, yet the male only grows up to 2.5 inches long. The male is rarely larger than a man’s fist. These fish are found from 1600-10,000 feet deep in the Atlantic and Antarctic Oceans.
          The male angler fish, when it is mature enough, connects itself to the female angler fish and is mated for life. It connects itself to the female with its teeth, and gets its nourishment for life from the female’s blood stream. It completely depends on the female for nourishment, protection, and life. He literally has a grip for life.
          Our life in God is much like that. He has made us so that when we “attach” ourselves to Him through Jesus Christ, we literally lose our lives into His. We may feel like at times we can barely hang on, but the truth is that He gives us a grip for life—nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.
          It’s not uncommon for believers of Christ to struggle with thoughts like, “Maybe I’m just not good enough to be a Christian,” or, “Nothing really happened, nothing really changed.” But Christianity is more than jumping off a cliff in the dark and hoping there is something to land on. It is a personal relationship with the God of the universe. Your assurance of your relationship with God is based on the authority of the Bible, God’s Word, not on how you feel.
          We must not depend on our feelings about our salvation; we must trust God and take Him at His word. We can know that we are truly Christians as we put our faith in what God says.
-Pastor Dino Griffin